Pet Joint Health Problems

Is your pet limping, having trouble getting up or suffering from joint pain, hip dysplasia, or stifle joint problems? Is your pet predisposed to develop any of these conditions?

What if you could reduce the risk of future surgery and give your pet a better, more comfortable life by offering a natural alternative to the joint pain and suffering associated with degenerating joints?

How can YOU promote Healthy Joint Function in YOUR pet?

BioCMO Joint Support for Pets is a tasty treat specifically formulated with the joint health and comfort of your pet in mind. Give your pet the power of:

    • CMO Concentrate: Included for its beneficial lubricating effect, CMO is also an extremely efficient anti-inflammatory, setting the stage for the supporting ingredients below.
    • KollaGen II-xs®: The most advanced avian collagen type II available. It was reported that, “daily supplementation of Chicken Sternum Collagen Type II may have the nutritional ability to re-construct and re-build cartilage and build healthy immunity and protection against arthritis. In addition, it demonstrates the safety and efficacy of the long-term use of Chicken Sternum Collagen Type II with no side effects.”
    • BiovaPlex®: BiovaPlex® is water soluble and rich in beneficial proteins (e.g., elastin), collagens and glycosaminoglycans (e.g., chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine) which support the stability and flexibility of synovial joint functions, as well as skin/coat functions.
    • Bromelain: Anti-inflammatory enzyme derived from pineapples.
    • Papain 2M: Digestive enzyme to help boost the effective ingredients by promoting absorption.
    • Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid. Works in conjunction with collagen to help repair soft tissue.
    • Magnesium: Intake of Magnesium has led to normalization of inflammation in clinical trial settings.
    • NO GMOs, Soy, Shellfish, Gluten, Pork, or Artificial Ingredients.


Where Science & Nature Meet

BioCMO is NOT another glucosamine for dogs and cats. The blend of ingredients found in BioCMO Joint Support for Pets contains some of the most cutting edge technology in the natural product industry.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its ability to increase range of motion, provide relief, and/or promote and maintain the healthy function of your pet’s joints.

It is not just an anti-inflammatory, a lubricant or a cartilage support system. It’s ALL THREE and more! Learn more and see clinical and case studies on our Science of BioCMO page.

About BioCMO

In almost 15 years in the natural products industry we’ve heard from many pet owners with similar complaints and questions. “My dog is limping.”, “What about hip dysplasia?”, “My dog can’t walk.”, “My dog has joint pain. What can I do?”, and “Is surgery the only solution?”. Drug side effects and interactions are also a big concern.

We’re pet owners who love our pets and want the very best for them. Just like you want the very best for your pet or pets. So, we wanted to help by creating what we think (and studies show) is the best product to help promote and maintain healthy joint function in dogs and cats.

Learn how BioCMO can help your pet. Send us a question or comment by filling out the form on our Contact Us Page.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These ingredients are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease